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Open from 10:00 to 22:00 (Last orders is 21:00)
Closed on Wednesdays (subject to change), 30th and 31th December.
889 Bojigatoge, Ono, Nishikimachi, Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Pref., Tel 0827-72-2836


Approaching Boujiga-touge of Nishiki town in a mountain area, you will find a large festival float mounted with a long decorative halberd, which is a reproduction of a float of Gion Festival in Kyoto.
The name of Ittousen originates in "Ittousen Moushiawase" which is a meeting of political activity to build a better country in the turbulent Meiji Restoration. We chose this name because we want to unite solidly. Also the source of the name is the theme of building, Kyoto.


This is the entrance. From here, you don't find a festival float, but the fun part is yet to come. Let's go inside.


Many lanterns make you feel in a festival mood. Take your time and choose your seat.


This is the main floor. Many lanterns are hung. One of the most cheerful mood in all Sanzoku restaurants.


The area near the road has a calmer atmosphere than other seats. Feel ease in the light of lanterns.


Lobby at the entrance. Please kindly wait here when tables are occupied. Surrounding a small fireplace, enjoy cozy Japanese style space.


Souvenir shop next to the lobby. Choose gifts for a memory of your trip.


Seats on the other side of the building. Capacity is 6 persons. A stream runs beside the room. Enjoy the sound of water.


A separated, slim-line room. Capacity is 26 persons. Hori-gotatsu is equipped, of which heating element is set in a recess in the floor under a low table. With more leg room, comfortable for those who have weak legs. This room is inspired by a terrace house in old times.


Garden view from Nagaya-mon. Splendid view from here.


In winter, outdoor seats might not be available due to snow. Enjoy the open-air seats when beautiful weather.


Chat in outdoor, being surrounded by green. It must be forgetful of the time.


Take care and have a safe drive back. It becomes completely dark here in a deep mountain area. We look forward to your coming to our restaurant again.

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